Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

Mom warning: Some content in the embedded audio and video files includes references to sexual activity. Millennial: So, despite Lizzo’s recent posts about music reviewers, we are in no way professionals, so let’s do this! I absolutely adored all of Cuz I Love You. The pure self-positivity and love that flowed through was an experience that I don’t often have with music. I first got … Continue reading Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

The Now Now – Gorillaz

Millennial: I’ve come to expect years of hiatus between Gorillaz albums, so when I found out they were releasing their newest album so soon after last year’s Humanz, , I was excited. Not a lot of other people did, but I really liked Humanz and the newer sound Damon Albarn (co-founder, lead singer and main songwriter for Gorillaz) was bringing for the group. It was … Continue reading The Now Now – Gorillaz


Mom: It was a pleasant surprise when EVERYTHING IS LOVE by The Carters (better known as Beyoncé and Jay-Z) dropped on June 16. I LOVE Beyoncé, and I’m also somewhat of a Hova fan. This new album seems to be third in an unintentional trilogy. Lemonade was about Beyoncé’s feelings of betrayal and anger at being cheated on, 4:44 was Jay-Z’s contrite confession of, and … Continue reading EVERYTHING IS LOVE – The Carters

Invasion of Privacy – Cardi B

WARNING: All the embedded videos/audios contain language that may be offensive and is definitely NSFW. Mom: When the idea of reviewing Cardi B’s album, Invasion of Privacy, for this blog came up, I wasn’t thrilled. The only Cardi B song I knew before listening to the album was “Bodak Yellow,” and I just don’t get why it was so incredibly popular. I don’t dislike it … Continue reading Invasion of Privacy – Cardi B