Hamilton U.S. Tour – Austin 5/28/19

Note: Recording equipment was strictly prohibited at the “Hamilton” performance we’re reviewing, for obvious reasons. Therefore the audio clips we include are from the original Broadway cast recording, not the show we’re referencing.  Millennial: My dream finally came true! We finally saw “Hamilton”! I have been waiting for this for almost four years. I have been in love with this musical ever since the Broadway cast … Continue reading Hamilton U.S. Tour – Austin 5/28/19

Our Favorites of 2018!

Mom: It’s time for the first annual Best of the Year edition of Mom and the Millennial. 2018 was a tough year personally, and I didn’t get to see as much live music as I wanted, but I still saw some amazing shows, listened to some great music, and discovered some new (and new-to-me) bands to love. One of the best things about 2018 was … Continue reading Our Favorites of 2018!

Favorite Winter Holiday Songs

Millennial: This is a new one for Mom and the Millennial! For the winter holidays, we decided it would be fun to list our top five favorite winter holiday songs to get into the holiday cheer. Christmas is personally my favorite holiday because it includes all of the things I love: family, good food and GIFTS! I am one of those annoying people that could … Continue reading Favorite Winter Holiday Songs

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

Mom and the Millennial are doing something a little different this week. We’re reviewing a movie. But it’s a movie about music, namely “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Instead of our usual “What We’re Listening To” section, we’ll each be writing about our favorite Queen song.  Spoiler Warning! Millennial: Having never seen a biopic, I was super excited to see “Bohemian Rhapsody,” especially since my boy, Rami Malek, … Continue reading Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review