How Am I Not Myself? – French Vanilla

Mom: I have a feeling I might like How Am I Not Myself? more than you just from a nostalgia perspective. French Vanilla, an LA-based art-punk band, reminds me so much of bands of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, especially X-Ray Spex and The B-52s. The X-Ray Spex similarity, in particular, sets French Vanilla apart from most of the new music I’ve listened to … Continue reading How Am I Not Myself? – French Vanilla

This Mess Is a Place – Tacocat

Mom: I have a nerdy love of palindromes, so when my friend Rachel suggested we see Tacocat at the She Shreds showcase at South by Southwest, I was all in. The sound at the venue was really terrible, but I liked the Seattle bands pop-punk vibe, especially the rhythm section, bassist Bree McKenna and drummer Lelah Maupin. Since that show, I’ve enjoyed the band’s recorded … Continue reading This Mess Is a Place – Tacocat

Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

Mom warning: Some content in the embedded audio and video files includes references to sexual activity. Millennial: So, despite Lizzo’s recent posts about music reviewers, we are in no way professionals, so let’s do this! I absolutely adored all of Cuz I Love You. The pure self-positivity and love that flowed through was an experience that I don’t often have with music. I first got … Continue reading Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

This Land – Gary Clark Jr.

Mom: I’m excited to be blogging again, and especially to be reviewing an album by local guitar hero, Gary Clark, Jr. His new album, This Land, is a bit of a departure from his previous albums, which were primarily blues-based.  I knew Clark was versatile, because he’s collaborated with artists as diverse as Keith Urban, Alicia Keys, and Foo Fighters. He proves it on his … Continue reading This Land – Gary Clark Jr.

Our Favorites of 2018!

Mom: It’s time for the first annual Best of the Year edition of Mom and the Millennial. 2018 was a tough year personally, and I didn’t get to see as much live music as I wanted, but I still saw some amazing shows, listened to some great music, and discovered some new (and new-to-me) bands to love. One of the best things about 2018 was … Continue reading Our Favorites of 2018!

Shake the Spirit – Elle King

Mom: I’m glad we have the chance to review an Elle King album, since you’re the person who first made me aware of this singer we both enjoy. I’m also happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed King’s second album, Shake the Spirit. Although the songs on this album came from a rough period in the singer’s life (a quickie marriage to a man she’d known … Continue reading Shake the Spirit – Elle King

Room 25 – Noname

Mom Warning: Some of these songs contain explicit language and themes. Millennial: I have been hearing so much about Noname. On Youtube, on music blogs, and even in the news. I had never listened to her music before except her collaborations with Chance the Rapper. Since she is coming to ACL, and we are both trying to figure out who else we want to see at … Continue reading Room 25 – Noname

Can’t Wake Up – Shakey Graves

This week, Mom and the Millennial are doing something a little bit different. One of Mom’s friends asked what we thought of Shakey Graves’ latest album, Can’t Wake Up. Mom already had an opinion, but decided the Millennial should weigh in as well, even though the album’s been out a few months. If any of our readers have something in particular you’d like us to … Continue reading Can’t Wake Up – Shakey Graves

Sweetener – Ariana Grande

Mom: When you suggested reviewing Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener, I wasn’t happy. I think of her as one of the representatives of some of the things I hate most about Top 40 music: overly-produced instrumentation, reliance on melismas and other show-offy vocal acrobatics, and mediocre song writing. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to Sweetener. Not that I think I’ll … Continue reading Sweetener – Ariana Grande