About Us


I’m Sharon, the Mom of Mom and the Millenial. Obviously, I’m Becca’s mother. I’m 54 years old, a social worker, native Texan, runner, and huge music fan, especially live music. My favorite thing about living in the Austin area is the abundance of live music. I look forward all year to the free music available around the clock during South by Southwest every spring. (By around the clock, I mean I usually attend daytime shows. I’m middle-aged and need my sleep). In terms of my musical taste, I like a variety, but lean toward indie/alternative rock, pop and folk, and hip hop, especially the old school variety. The only kinds of music I don’t like are really mainstream pop (think Taylor Swift or Katy Perry), contemporary country (although I enjoy both classic and alternative country), and hard rock or metal. But even in those genres there are exceptions. I don’t listen to music on the radio, and I almost never know what’s popular, but I try to read music blogs and reviews and keep up that way. I’m happy when bands I love tour or release new music, but I especially enjoy discovering new (or new-to-me) bands!


I’m Rebecca, or Becca by a lot of people, the Millennial half of this blog! I’m 21 years old, a journalism student, also a native Texan and also a huge music fan. While I have always loved music having played percussion for 9 years throughout elementary, middle and high school, my mom is the one that sparked my love for live music and concerts. After she took me to my first big live concert my freshman year of high school (which was The Strokes at SXSW by the way), I have gained her, for lack of a better term, obsession for live concerts! I also love a variety of music, where you can see my mom’s influence shine through in some areas. I especially love alternative rock, pop (unlike my mom I do actually like some mainstream pop), a mix of the two with pop rock, folk, hip hop, and musical theatre. I don’t dislike much music, but I’m not a big fan of screamo, heavy metal or country. I listen to the radio since I like to keep up to date on who are the biggest stars in music at the time, and I sometimes have to inform my mom on what the top hits are. She is the one who knows what is coming out and who the critics like, though.