Room 25 – Noname

Mom Warning: Some of these songs contain explicit language and themes. Millennial: I have been hearing so much about Noname. On Youtube, on music blogs, and even in the news. I had never listened to her music before except her collaborations with Chance the Rapper. Since she is coming to ACL, and we are both trying to figure out who else we want to see at … Continue reading Room 25 – Noname

KOLARS at Stubb’s BBQ -Austin 9/16/2018

Millennial Note: We both tried to take video, but, unfortunately, neither of our phones are really made to take good video. So instead we put other live performance videos in order for y’all to see a little of what we experienced! Mom: We haven’t seen a live show together since South by Southwest back in March, which is when we saw KOLARS for the first … Continue reading KOLARS at Stubb’s BBQ -Austin 9/16/2018

Can’t Wake Up – Shakey Graves

This week, Mom and the Millennial are doing something a little bit different. One of Mom’s friends asked what we thought of Shakey Graves’ latest album, Can’t Wake Up. Mom already had an opinion, but decided the Millennial should weigh in as well, even though the album’s been out a few months. If any of our readers have something in particular you’d like us to … Continue reading Can’t Wake Up – Shakey Graves

Sweetener – Ariana Grande

Mom: When you suggested reviewing Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener, I wasn’t happy. I think of her as one of the representatives of some of the things I hate most about Top 40 music: overly-produced instrumentation, reliance on melismas and other show-offy vocal acrobatics, and mediocre song writing. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to Sweetener. Not that I think I’ll … Continue reading Sweetener – Ariana Grande